About Beckmann

Beckmann is Scandinavia’s leading school backpack brand. We are a Norwegian brand, but our backpacks are sold in more than 25 countries all over the globe.

Beckmann aims to be a reliable companion throughout your entire school journey. To and
from school, every day, for many years. A trustworthy companion that lasts and
takes care of your belongings and your back. Remember – your back has to last a lifetime!

Norway 1946


Olav Beckmann, a young man with a vibrant imagination and can-do spirit, is driven by a captivating idea..
Our history

How we work

The unique combination of ergonomics and design, along with continuous focus on quality, has made Beckmann the preferred backpack for Scandinavian children.
How we work

Recommended by experts

We have a long tradition of collaborating with experts, to ensure that our backpacks have the best ergonomic design.


The best way to reduce the environmental footprint from the products we buy and use is to chose products of high quality and durability, and at the same time care good care of them.
How we work