Beckmann’s history

Our history begins in 1946. Olav Beckmann is a young man with creativity, can-do spirit – and an idea. He works on various projects, until early in the 1950s, when he has enough funds to get started on the idea he has nurtured: School bags.

Children need good school backpacks!

Production begins in the tiny living room in the Beckmann family home. Models are drawn, samples sewn and the backpacks tested out on the Beckmann’s and neighbours’ children. Precision and quality were impor­tant values.


The classic leather backpack is launched at the start of the 1970s – and sales really begin to take off!

We carry the idea forward

The heritage from Olav Beckmann remains our cornerstone. Our aim is to make the best school backpacks in the world.

About us

How we work


Ergonomic Principles