Ergonomics award winner 2022

We can proudly announce that we have once again won the IGR Innovation Award for Ergonomics!

IGR is a network of doctors, physiotherapists, and researchers working on health issues and ergonomics. The institute is located in Germany and grants the Innovation Award for Ergonomics every year.

“Through various tests, we checked the ease of use and good ergonomic properties of Beckmann backpacks. Tests clearly showed that the load is distributed at different points when you carry the backpack. This feature protects the back."
- Christian Brunner, IGR Institute for Health and Ergonomics
Our goal is to make the world’s best school bags. We greatly appreciate international recognition and a recommendation that confirms that our school bags are the most ergonomic among those available for children.

We are now proud winners of the Innovation Award for Ergonomics for 2022, 2021 and 2019!