One backpack - two looks!

flip the front pocket to change the backpacks appearance

Children can change their preferences quickly, and suddenly, they may find things childish. That's why all our first-grade backpacks come with a reversible front pocket!

By default, the front pocket displays the themed design, but if you flip it inside out, the entire backpack will be covered in the base pattern. Children can flip it back and forth as they like. We hope this also helps the backpack last longer, as it won't need to be replaced prematurely just because the child no longer likes the motif.


Change the looks of your backpack in three simple steps✨

 1. Open the side velcro fasteners. Open the zipper completely and put your hand behind the motif.

step 1

2. Take hold of the fabric and turn the pocket inside out

Step 2

3. Close the zipper and velcro fasteners and you're done! 

Step 3